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Audition Information/How to Apply

Please follow the instructions to apply for the 2020-2021 season:

1- Fill out and complete the application form under the "Dance Academy Application" tab.

2- Create a dance video of approximately one minute in length.   The video should showcase your talents as a dancer.  You can choose to do various technical exercises or a piece of choreography. Please showcase any dance style that shows off your greatest strength as a dancer.

3- Video Applications will be accepted in the following ways:

  • For District 51 students please DM video directly to Geordan Olson through Microsoft Teams
  • For students outside of the district please email your video to geordan.olson@lethsd.ab.ca
  • Alternatively, video applications will be accepted by sending a DM to our academy  Instagram page @lciaadance


*Applications are due no later than June 15th 2020*

If you have any questions please email the director of the program Geordan Olson at: