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Dance Academy

The LCI Arts Academy dance program offers a four-year comprehensive dance program for students in grade 9 through 12. This program is designed for dancers interested in broadening their dance experience in a technically and artistically challenging environment. Dancers study theory, anatomy and dance history to expand their understanding of the art form. 

Regular guest artists and choreographers are an integral part of the program.  Through our artist in residency program students get to work with celebrated choreographers and artists from all over Canada.

Grade 9 students will participate in one dance class every day for the first semester and students in grade 10-12 will participate in one class a day for the entire school year and cover a broad range of dance styles.  At the time of graduation, students will attain 50 credits in various dance courses. These courses include; Dance 15-25-35, Jazz Dance 25-35, Contemporary Dance 25-35, Ballet 25, Jazz Dance 35, Dance Composition 35 and Dance Performance 15, 25 and 35. 

At the end of the first semester, students will perform in a culminating show that includes a collection of works from local and celebrated Canadian choreographers. 

In completion of the program Grade 12 students will present a capstone choreographic project to an audience that includes an artist talk back. The capstone project includes all elements of theatre design from choreography to lighting design.   Their choreography is presented at the end of the year in our annual Grade 12 Choreographic Works show.